On December 12th 2012 Art Gallery Beelden Bij Beljon organised a lecture on Joop Beljon and his work. On the Video page you can find the recording of the lecture.  

Endless City
The Endless City is the co-creation of the Dutch sculptors Joop Beljon and Ellen Vos. For over fifteen years they shared the same table creating a series of wax sculptures. Over the course of the years in many and long jam sessions they created an imaginary city in wax. In the latter part of the co-creation the wax sculptures were transformed into bronze sculptures in cire perdue technique. The Endless City is preserved for many years to come.

This unique work of art consists of about four square meters of structures, squares, cathedrals, a river, everything that makes a city a city. Still the Endless City is not a model of a town. It is an individual work of art that uses the elements that define a city, without actually being one.

On this website you will find the history and background of the Endless City. You will also find a vast body of photographic material. You can watch it as a a slideshow, or one by one.